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About AM&S

Our Mission

To provide solutions that will help small and medium size businesses increase sales and profitability while maximizing cost-effectiveness.

Who We Are

Beginning in November 1994, Allen, Morgan & Shields LLC has now blossomed into a unique Business Technology Services Company. Our key offering is Commercial Surveillance and Security.  Our Motto is “Trust is Good, But Control is Better”.

We install video surveillance security camera systems for many Property Management companies at Apartment and Condominium Communities, HOA’s and also at many other types of commercial sites such as manufacturers, retail stores, restaurants, pharmacies, medical offices, hotels and motels, office/warehouses, office buildings, sports facilities, nurseries, child-care centers, etc, etc. and pride ourselves in providing very good systems that continue to work for years with minimal issues.

Our offering is Turnkey Local Video Surveillance Security Camera System to a Cloud Video Surveillance Security Camera System to Live Remote Video Monitoring of Sites.

You need a Surveillance & Security Partner that you can rely on and trust. One that is not going to let you down and leave you vulnerable to security gaps. Contact Allen, Morgan, and Shields today and see how we can help secure your business and increase profits through cost-effective visual control.

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