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About AM&S

Our Mission

To provide solutions that will help small and medium size businesses increase sales and profitability while maximizing cost-effectiveness.

Who We Are

Beginning in November 1994 as a Marketing & Advertising company, Allen, Morgan & Shields has blossomed into a unique Business Services Consulting company. We offer those services that directly have a positive impact on a business’ bottom line.

As business consultants and marketing strategists, we take our job very seriously. We take on clients either for short term individual projects or a longer term consulting phase which includes us taking an in-depth look at all aspects of a business model and keep in line with our mission statement above.

What makes Allen, Morgan, and Shields unique? We connect and work with a wide variety of businesses. We aim to deeply understand the client’s business model, so we can tailor-make a solution that is optimized for your business.

We offer various services in three key areas: marketing, merchant services, and surveillance and security.

You need a business partner that you can rely on and trust. You need a partner that is not going to let you down and leave you vulnerable to difficult market forces. Contact Allen, Morgan, and Shields today and see how we can help your business increase profits and enhance cost-effectiveness.

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